If your Christmas wish for 2020 is a bike under the tree then Life Cycle Bikes (LCB) suggests getting an order in now to avoid disappointment.

A pandemic-prompted demand for bikes combined with worldwide delays and slowed bicycle production in Asia has caused a disruption to the Australian supply. LCB owner, Robert Astromsky said this ‘perfect storm’ continues to hamper the bicycle retail industry with LCB certainly not immune to the problem.

Fortunately however, thanks to large orders made before COVID 19 hit and because we have a smaller customer catchment… we are still able to fill most orders and keep our customers happy. We have even sold a record amount of bikes to people travelling to the area on holidays as Perth bike shops are bare.

Realistically the situation is unlikely to improve for six to 12 months.

You may not be able to get the colour you want but we will do our best to get you or your kids on a new bike for Christmas – just get an order in now. Ring the shop on 97587671 or come in-store to look at our range.”