Our top ten tips for matching it with the pro teams, (well, in looks anyway.)
1: Matching socks
2: Matching helmets (or at least the same colour, nothing says amateur team like multi coloured helmets.)
3: Matching shoe covers, (cheaper than everyone buying new shoes.)
4: Stick stage profiles onto your top tube.
5: Match bar tape with other team members.
6: Grab a coach for a session or two and work on lining up your team for the time trials.
7: If you have to walk up The Mur de Hay, drop your chain off to make it look like you have had a mechanical.
8: Don’t put your arm out to signal as you turn corners during the race.
9: Carry a marker pen in your back pocket to sign autographs.
10: Position yourself at the front of the grid, sit on your top tube and suck a gel as you wait for the race to start.